Sunday, April 20, 2008

Loan Officer Marketing With Call Capture

Call capture technology is interesting. The person calls the call capture sign and then the phone number is sent to teh call capture owner. This is a surprise to the person who made the call as they did not leave a message. They are suprised that they are being called.

This is wehere the loan officer must be able to comunicate well with theperson that called. Perhaps it would help if the call capture phone number was advertised in a place that sold real estate and the loan officer called back with something that the caller would like to hear. There are many instances where real estate call capture technology for a loan officer could be useful.

There are some of the uses for call capture technology. Call capture technology can be used by a loan officer who works the real estate makret and likes to return calls with nice information on real estate.

Call Capture Real Estate for Loan Officers.

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